“Putting good out into the world” Angela Lyons


29 October 2022

Author: Steve Pugh

Image of a logo for graphic designer Angela Lyons's newsletter, using the word LOVE with a heart in the middle

One of the wonderful things about running your own business is being able to decide who you work with. ☺️ Equal to that is being able to share your passions with people and see what happens… 🤯

After a recent conversation, the very generous Angela Lyons kindly wrote a piece on the Roadmap MBA in her newsletter.

“have you ever had that feeling when you meet a person and think “wow, they’re working hard to make someone else’s life better”? That’s how I felt after speaking to Steve Pugh from Roadmap MBA. He’s making a difference, putting good out into the world.” ❤️

You can read the full article (and subscribe to Angela’s newsletter) here: https://www.lyonscreative.co.uk/

I met Angela through some ongoing work with Freelancer Magazine and she’s a wonderful person. If you love anything to do with graphic design you should check it out. 🧑🏽‍🎨 🎨

** people not interested in Fonts need not apply.

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