Where should I start? Business Owner Losing Money

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30 December 2022

Author: Steve Pugh

Are you currently losing money in your business? Don’t worry, there are things we can do!

Where should I start?

Every person has different needs and requirements from a business course. For business owners you often have a requirement to make the biggest impact quickly, but sometimes are not sure what to do next. With the Roadmap MBA we have the desire to create tailored custom education to help you make the biggest impact quickly.

This is in contrast to traditional education providers who put all their learners through the same course, regardless of their starting point, which we believe is wrong.

Does this describe you?

  • Business Owner
  • Business of any size
  • Losing money
  • Not confident you’re making the correct product

What should you do next?

For any business of any size which is currently not making a profit, we need to act fast.

Roadmap MBA recommendations

  • Gain a full understanding of your costs. What are you spending money on? Can you reduce any non-essential spend? – see “What to do when losing money”, Module 13, or page 197 of the text book.
  • Jump to the sales modules. If you’re losing money we need to make a change quickly and drive as much revenue into the business as quickly as we can. Don’t be shy. Go out and talk to people as much as possible.
  • Review your strategy. The reason people might not buying your product could be because you’re not delivering what they actually want or need. In this instance simply trying to sell more won’t work, as you’re selling the wrong thing. Review the customer persona’s from the Marketing module and seek feedback on if you could improve, pivot or change your product. This process can take a long time, so we need to be driving sales at the same time.
  • Our aim and goal with this is to drive money into the business quickly and get to the point of break-even (when you’re no longer losing money) as quickly as possible. Once we reach this point we can look to build the business. Only then should you work through the course from start to finish.

Next steps?

If you’re losing money we’d recommend using the FREE tier of the course – to minimise your costs.

If however you can afford to, the paid tiers all come with LIVE classroom sessions where you will be able to seek support and ensure you’re on the correct track for reaching profitability and ensuring you implement the actions correctly.

You can view all of our package options here: (https://www.roadmapmba.com/pricing/) to begin learning today.

If you have any questions you can send these to Questions@RoadmapMBA.com.


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