Women of Impact: Defying the Odds Film

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30 March 2023

Author: Steve Pugh

Image showing 5 women of colour who share their journey in a documentary

Women of Impact: Defying the Odds Film

Image showing 5 women of colour who share their journey in a documentary

At Roadmap MBA we’re a mission led organisation. We exist to give underrepresented communities a platform and to share stories of inspiring people.


Women of Impact Film


COMING SOON we’ll be sharing the inspirational full documentary ‘Women of Impact – Defying the odds’ by Danielle Vassell.

Over 20 years after surviving a premature birth against all the odds, author and motivational speaker Danielle Vassell brings together a group of five women of colour in ‘Women of Impact: Defying the Odds’ to share their diverse, moving and inspiring personal stories of family, work, advocacy and life.

Watch the full film on the Roadmap MBA YouTube channel here:


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