Competitor price increases


1 July 2022

Author: Steve Pugh

Poster with a black background and white text, highlighting the word "this sucks" with an image showing the Mini MBA in Marketing Price Rises in August 2022 to £1590

⚠️ With competitors putting their prices up this will prevent good people from benefiting from courses such as this which can help them improve their lives. ⚠️

You should never have to choose between buying food for your kids, putting fuel in your car or working on your education. 🙌🏻

With the Roadmap MBA we’re working really hard to produce something which is comparable to the best courses out there, but with a COMPLETELY FREE OPTION so that nobody (anywhere in the world) is priced out! 🤯

People are struggling. Companies are struggling. But it is times like this which reaffirms our mission to create something which makes business education accessible.

We’re much newer in our journey than our competitors, but watch this space. Our mission is making business education accessible for 5 billion people. 🌎

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